I am Vegan for Black Liberation

Black Libersation

After nearly six months of eating a plant-based diet that had lessened the severity of my health issues I decided to attempt veganism in earnest. I failed a lot. I would be vegan for a week, sometimes two or three before having a slip up. I would be vegan during the week and not on the weekends, for a few months I ditched veganism completely. I continued falling off the wagon and pulling myself back on, sometimes with one foot on board while the other dragged along the pavement for a year and a half.

Then, in early January after a weekend of eating pork loin at a friend’s birthday celebration, folding slices of greasy pizza into my mouth, and eating Popeyes I sat on my grandmother’s couch reading a book of essays called Sistah Vegan. As I read, I found myself intrigued by the varying perspectives, but it was the essay “Social Justice Beliefs and Addiction to Uncompassionate Consumption” by Sistah Vegan editor, A. Breeze Harper, that changed me.

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Capsule Combination #4 – Posting Photos I hate


My face is shrouded in shadow, my t-shirt is wrinkled, I hate the way my hair looks, and you can see the bandaid on my hand. My most frequent collaborator, Jerran, hates that I am this critical of myself. He travels to my house on his off day–personal time that should be spent reading or lying on the couch in central air–to take my photos. If he shows up and I’m not dressed he waits patiently for me to paint on the last coat of lipstick or decide on the perfect piece to complete a look. He stands in the sun holding the heavy DSLR, taking my demanding directions. “Up! Up! Hold the camera up! Angles matter!” I shout out at him as teenagers in baggy jeans and dread locs eye us inquisitively on their walk to the corner store we stand on the side of to take photos.

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Capsule Combination #3 – Summer Capsule Wardrobe Problems


Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

After my post about creating my first capsule wardrobe you may be wondering what items I’ve chosen to wear this summer. I haven’t created any content about my current capsule because it has been riddled with issues. Even though summer is nearly over (praise!) I will show my current capsule before the month ends.

I started my summer capsule at the beginning of July and before the month was out two of my t-shirts were rendered unwearable because of stubborn stains. I tried everything both and I and google could think of to save these two tops but alas I handed them off to my grandmother to be upcycled into rags. Then, due to weight loss, two pairs of my jeans were also no longer wearable. Once the jeans became two big I felt really uncomfortable with the way they fit my stomach and realized that I only had two tops felt comfortable wearing them with.

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What I Eat in a Week (Vegan Meal Prep)

What ate this week 2.001

Why Meal Prep:

When I think of meal prep I immediately think of weight loss, but meal prep has benefits beyond dropping a few pounds.

  • Saving Money – No matter what you tell yourself, packing your own lunch is cheaper than takeout. Even if the takeout is $5 a packed lunch is cheaper. Trust me. Portioning your food also saves money – If you take a chili recipe that serves 6 and portion those servings out into 6 containers you won’t eat double the portion without thinking and have to buy more food later.
  • Special Diets – If you’re vegan, like me, or subscribe to any other special diet you never have to worry about food meeting your needs.
  • Environment – Every time you eat takeout the packaging, bag, utensils, and cup eventually end up in the landfill. Bringing  your own lunch to school or work reduces waste and your negative impact on the environment.
  • Health – If nutrition is a concern, meal prep insures you always have a healthy meal prepared.

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